Measuring stations for quality assurance are used to test parts or materials.

Depending on the customer's requirements ISWAT GmbH, Industrial Software & Automation, creates laboratory measuring stations that record, evaluate and document electrical, optical and/or mechanical characteristics of products or materials. For example, purchased parts (incoming inspection), semi-finished products (process control), end products (random sampling) and the characteristics of materials and development prototypes (product development) are tested.

It is often necessary to create specific test conditions during the test, for example, applying a test force, applying a test pressure or vacuum, tempering the test specimen and other things - this can also be carried out without any problems.

The entire project management, conception and design of the test process, planning of the mechanics, electrics and electronics, the implementation of relevant test standards, individual software development, the production of the system, commissioning and optimization and training of the operating and service personnel ... at ISWAT GmbH all services come from one source.

  • Electrical characteristics are current, voltage, resistance, insulation resistance, frequency and amplitude response, charge, power, energy, capacity, inductance, magnetic field strength, etc. of electronic or electromechanical products.
  • Mechanical characteristics are geometric dimensions, weight, tightness, pressure, force, travel of moving components, torque, speed, angle, strain, temperature and temperature response, vibration spectrum, flow, viscosity, etc.
  • Optical characteristics are completeness, colour, surface texture (scratches etc.), legibility of codes or printed text, number and properties of blobs, luminous intensity and spectrum of lamps.